Indian Fantasy Cricket Leagues that you should never miss.

Author: Arijit
10 Sep 2021 21:35:16

Cricket is undoubtedly a religion in India. The popularity and revenue generated by cricket is unmatched and unparalleled. Fantasy Cricket is the latest trend that has been growing among the cricket fanatics in India. The current number of active fantasy cricket players in India is over 10 crores.

The market of Fantasy Cricket in India is on an uptrend. Today, I will be guiding you about the different types of Fantasy Cricket Leagues that a fantasy user should play and can never afford to miss.

While playing a Fantasy League, a fantasy user needs to have a basic awareness regarding the points system and the nature of leagues they are participating in.

Hold on, I will be making the classification of leagues a bit easier. Some of the different types of fantasy leagues in India are:

1. Head to Head League:

Only 2 users play in Head to Head league.

2. Grand League:

When a huge number of users participate for a grand prize (In Lakhs), it is called a Grand league.

3. Small League and Mini Grand League:

A fantasy league comprising of the number of players ranging from 3 to 1000 roughly falls unde this category.

4. Innings Fantasy:

When a fantasy prediction app allows the users to make a team for one innings, it is called Innings Fantasy.

5. Live Fantasy:

In Live Fantasy, a fantasy user needs to choose 5 players who can perform in the next 5 overs in a match.

6. Batting League and Bowling League:

In a Batting League and Bowling League, a fantasy user has to make a team comprising of only 5 batsmen or 5 bowlers.

Thus we can clearly see that the nature of a fantasy league changes as per the requirement of a fantasy user.

Now as we are clear with the different types of fantasy cricket leagues, let us go through the different apps that enables us to play these leagues.

1. Dream 11: The largest Fantasy App of India, Dream 11 is ideal for mini grand leagues (League upto 8k-10k participants). As the commission and competition is quite high, playing Head to Head and Mega Grand Leagues are not that much advisable.

•Download Dream11:

Deam11 app

2. Playerzpot: Playerzpot is another cricket prediction app that is ideal for playing Head to Head matches. Playing Grand Leagues are comparatively easier but the options are quite less over here.

•Download Playerzpot:

Playerzpot- Download Here

3. Gamezy: Gamezy is the best app to play innings fantasy. Currently the only prediction app that allows the users to play Live Fantasy, winning in Gamezy is quite easy if someone has an eye of match awareness. Also one can try playing Innings Fantasy in this platform.

•Download Gamezy:

Gamezy- Download app

4. Ballebaazi: Ballebaazi is only Indian Fantasy app that holds the patent of batting and bowling leagues. If an user is unsure about competing in a full match he can make a team comprising of 5 batsmen or 5 bowlers and play. Winning is comparatively easier over here.

• Download BalleBaazi:

Ballebaazi- Download Here

5. Fantasy Akhada: Fantasy Akhada is currently the best fantasy cricket platform for playing Grand Leagues. Competition is lesser and winning the prize money is quite easier in this platform. And guess what, this platform charges the least commission among the other fantasy apps in India.

Download Fantasy Akhada:

Fantasy Akhada App

Now, you must be wondering about where can a user get all these informations regarding a match.

All you have to do is download Fantasy Arena app.Currently the highest rated app in the fantasy prediction segment. A dedicated app of Fantasy Arena Youtube channel, Fantasy Arena is the only app that covers all the cricket match predictions with a detailed analysis.

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