Top 5 Fantasy Gaming Apps In India That You Should know.

Author: Arijit
12 Sep 2021 05:25:53

We all love sports and want to be engaged with it directly or indirectly. And what if I say that we can real money that too in lakhs by sitting at home while the game goes on?

Fantasy Sports are the new order of the day that bridges this gap between the game on the field and the user off the field.

Today, we will be discussing about the Top 5 Fantasy Gaming Apps in India.

(Do not miss the bonus app at the last).

1. Dream 11:

Brand Ambassador: Mahendra Singh Dhoni.

Dream 11 is the first fantasy gaming app in our list. Started in 2008, Dream 11 has been the most popular and the most downloaded fantasy gaming app in India. Dream 11 is the first Indian company to earn the tag of an "Unicorn" in the history of fantasy gaming apps and is currently the official sponsor of Indian Premier League (IPL).

Reasons of featuring in the list:

•Dream 11 caters to nearly 70% of the total fantasy players in India and offers the highest prize money (upto 1 Crore) amongst the other fantasy gaming apps in India.

•Apart from cricket, users can also play a host of other sports such as Football, Basketball, Hockey, Kabaddi and even Baseball. Thus, Dream 11 ends up featuring as the top fantasy sports app in India.

Additional Perks:

•Bigger Prize Money.

•More matches hence more contests.

2. Mobile Premier League:

Brand Ambassador: Virat Kohli.

If Dream 11 has a competitor in the Fantasy Gaming App segment then it has to be Mobile Premier League popularly known as MPL. Founded in 2019, MPL has incorporated many different sports and games under a single platform to make it one of the top fantasy apps in India.

Reasons of featuring in the list:

•MPL is one of the complete online fantasy gaming app in India at present. Apart from cricket and football, users can also play a host of other indoor games in this fantasy gaming app platform. Thus MPL promises a customer engagement throughout the year.

• MPL is the first Fantasy Gaming App in India that has announced a concept of a Season Pass. Any user availing a season pass can play grand leagues for free in this Indian fantasy gaming app.

Additional Perks:

• Season pass.

• A plethora of games under a single fantasy gaming platform.

3. Ballebaazi:

Brand Ambassador: Yuvraj Singh(former), Divyendu Sharma (Munna Bhaiya, Mirzapur fame).

Ballebaazi is the third online fantasy app that features in our list. Launched in 2018 with a limited number of contests, Ballebaazi now mainly focusses on Head to Head and mini Leagues comprising of 2-10 players.

Reasons of featuring in the list:

•Ballebaazi is an Indian fantasy app that caters to the users who prefer to play Head to Head contests. The competition is slightly lesser in this online fantasy gaming app compared to Dream 11.

•One of the unique feature that makes Ballebaazi one of the top fantasy apps in India is the Batting and Bowling League. Users can now play an entire match by selecting only 5 batsmen or 5 bowlers. It adds to a whole new level of dimension in the fantasy gaming app genre.

•In addition to these, Ballebaazi has also Incorporated features like Reverse Fantasy, 2nd Innings Fantasy to its platform. Users can also play football, poker, rummy and basketball in this fantasy gaming app.

Additional perks:

• Less players and more chances of winning in contests featuring a maximum of 10 players.

• Batting league, Bowling League, Reverse Fantasy, Innings Fantasy.

4. Gamezy:

Brand Ambassador: KL Rahul.

Gamezy is currently the hot cake among the different Fantasy Sports in India.

Reasons of featuring in the list:

•Gamezy offers the users with the same flexibility as MPL but in a detailed manner. An user can play

• Another feature that sets Gamezy apart is Live Fantasy. Gamezy is the only fantasy app in India that enables the users to play a game in 5 over blocks. An user has to select 5 players for the next 5 overs and it gurantees a better engagement with the sport. Along with Live Fantasy, Innings Fantasy is also available in this platform.

Additional Perks:

•Live Fantasy, Innings Fantasy.

• Diversification of money by playing different contests.

• Greater engagement of sports with fantasy.

5. Halaplay:

Brand Ambassador: Hardik Pandya, Krunal Pandya.

Founded in 2017, Halaplay is probably the dark horse. The uniqueness of this app lies in the fact that all 11 players carry equal significance in a fantasy team.

Reasons of featuring in the list:

• One of the unique point that makes Halaplay surpass its counterparts is the utilisation of bonus money. It is the only fantasy app in India that allows its users to utilize the bonus money completely.

•While other fantasy apps in India has a luck factor added to it, Halaplay has more analytical aspect in it. As there is no option to select a vice captain in a team, the user has to select the team on this fantasy gaming app with a more calculated approach. The competition is intense in Halaplay and every single point matters.

Additional Perks:

•Complete utilization of the bonus money.

•Less luck, more analysis and a true essence of Fantasy.

Now the bonus app as promised.

Fantasy Akhada:

Brand Ambassador: Harsha Bhogle.

Founded in 2020, Fantasy Akhada is the latest entrant in the Online Fantasy Gaming App segment. A simple interface backed by a dedicated customer service has been the USP of this Fantasy Gaming App. Starting from penny contests (contest having entry fees of Rs 10 or less), Fantasy Akhada is an ideal platform for the newbies in Fantasy sports.

Reasons of featuring in the list:

One of the major advantages of Fantasy Akhada is that the competition in this online fantasy sports app is very less compared to other top fantasy apps in India.

•With Harsha Bhogle onboard, we can expect this app to venture more in the sports analysis segment soon.

Additional Perks:

• Least competition, easiest to win.

• The best online fantasy app in terms of customer service.

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