6 mistakes to avoid while playing fantasy cricket.

Author: Arijit
09 Sep 2021 22:22:59

Fantasy Sports is a legitimate platform where a player can win big prizes. Infact, as mentioed in my earlier articles, winning in Fantasy Sports is actually easy if one can be patient and have a proper strategy backed by solid analysis.

But as every glory is achieved after committing a significant amount of mistakes. The same bores well for Fantasy Sports too. Today we will be talking about 6 mistakes that a fantasy sports user must avoid to play fantasy sports.

1) Prefer Quality over Quantity:

This is perhaps the most common mistake that majority of the fantasy players in India make. In order to earn more money they end up investing in almost all available matches in a Fantasy sports platform. As a result, they soon end up losing their entire capital without much return on their investments. An ideal fantasy player should always play for limited matches of his choice and play them with a proper analysis and strategy.

2) Giving up too soon:

A Fantasy Sport is not a place where one can be an overnight sensation and earn loads of money. It takes months and years of hardwork and perseverance to get an understanding of how fantasy sports actually work. So giving up after not having initial success is never an option to survive in the world of fantasy sports. So be patient.

3) Selection based on favoritism without any research:

We all have favourites, don't we? And we all love them to perform well on the field. But Fantasy Sports doesn't endorse favouritism at all. So try to avoid selection of players purely based on nepotism. Instead focus on the form and performance of the players and make your team based on analysis backed by soild research.

4) Non diversification of investments:

"Never put all your eggs in the same basket."This quote goes in the world of Fantasy Sports as well.

Fantasy sports offer a wide range of contests for play. The possibilities are endless in terms of investing in the different types of leagues in fantasy sports. An ideal fantasy player should always focus on maximizing his returns on investments. Instead of pumping the hard earned money in a single contest of a single match, the onus should be to diversify the investments as diversification is the key to survive in the evergrowing dynamic world of fantasy sports.

5) Running after Paid Teams:

This is perhaps the most disastrous mistake that Fantasy players in India make. In order to earn more, they subscribe for paid teams which are of significantly higher cost. As stated earlier, Fantasy Sports is not a form of gambling, it is a game of predictive analysis with a proper strategy. So instead of depending on paid subscriptions, the fantasy users should enable themselves to be self reliant and build their own teams.

6) Not playing with bonuses:

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