How to play the Indian T20 Fantasy Cricket League.

Author: Arijit
09 Sep 2021 21:56:21

I guess by now, all of you have been familiar with the idea of Fantasy Sports. In my previous articles, I have given an overview of about how to make your team selection and how to enhance your success rate while playing fantasy sports.

But when it comes to T20 cricket, it is a different ball game altogether. There are numerous mini battles, plot twists and dynamic changes in last minute that makes the gaming experience more engaging and interesting.

In this article, I will be talking about the different aspects and the basic knitty gritties of playing a Fantasy T20 cricket league.

1) Impact Players:

As T20 is a 120 ball affair in each innings, the preference should be given on players capable of turning a game on his own. So it is always recommended that in a T20 fantasy league, a player should not be selected based on his big name but on the basis of the impact that he/she is capable of.

A score of 60 from 30 runs will give more points from a run a ball 60 in a T20 game. So choose wisely.

2) Multi Dimensional Players:

The dynamic nature of T20 game makes it interesting but it can again prove detrimental for a fantasy player.

Let us go through this scenario:

If someone goes in with a pure opening batsman as a captain and he gets out cheaply then automatically the fantasy team won't perform well. So instead of focussing on one dimensional T20 players, try building your team with players who can bat, bowl and field. This will ensure that you have more points.

3) Scenario based selection:

You need to build a T20 team based on numerous match scenarios that may take place in the actual match. This is so far the toughest thing to do but with a logical approach and analysis it can be predicted.

For eg: If you are going in with a middle order batsman as your captain or vice captain in a T20 fantasy league, it invariably means that you are expecting that the top order of that team would fail. In such a scenario, avoid taking batsmen from the top order and select bowlers from the opposition as the bowlers are more likely to scalp the wickets.

4) Mini battles that matter:

A T20 game is no doubt enthralling to watch but what makes this game more engaging are the mini battles that take part in it. Infact, the results of the mini battles predict the outcome of the T20 game.

For eg: If there is a face off between an attacking batsman and a class leg spinner, who has the experience of dismissing the said batsman often, make sure to select only one of them in your side.

So the next time, you are in between a player battle between the bat and ball in a T20 game, choose your sides wisely.

5) Innings based selection:

In T20 fantasy leagues, another important aspect that needs to be looked at is the innings based performance of each and every individual player you have selected.

Some players prefer to bat first, while some love chasing. A particular bowler would love to bowl on a fresh pitch whereas someone else would love to bowl second. These preferences do matter a lot when it comes to winning it big in fantasy cricket.

Now coming to the last and perhaps the most important point.

6) Diversification of Investments:

There are a lot of different fantasy contests available while playing T20 Fantasy league such as Normal Fantasy, Innings Fantasy, Reverse Fantasy, Batting League, Bowling League, Live Fantasy and so on.

To match with the ever changing dynamics of T20 cricket diversification of funds is extremely important in these contests. Only then, we can expect to win it big in T20 Fantasy League.

I hope this have clarified a lot of your doubts. To know the latest updates in the world of Fantasy Sports, subscribe to Fantasy Arena Youtube channel and be a part of the largest sporting family ever.

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