Tips to improve your success rate in fantasy cricket.

Author: Arijit
09 Sep 2021 22:01:40

The rise of Fantasy Sports In India is nothing short of impressive. Infact, it is Fantasy Sports that cater to over 1 crore users in India alone and with the T20 season going in full swing, it is bound to grow further.

Online Fantasy Sports is currently the only sport where the chances of winning are comparatively higher only if you follow certain fantasy cricket tips and strategies.

Today I will be sharing with you ten expert tips that will increase and improve your success rate in a fantasy match.

1) A basic overview of the match:

This is the first and foremost fantasy cricket tip for a fantasy user before playing a match in fantasy sports. Information regarding the pitch report, ground records, and also the results of recent matches on the ground are some of the key aspects that should be kept in mind.

2) Player information:

The second cricket expert tip is to have a detailed information regarding the players of both the squads playing in the match. A worksheet of stats regarding players' form, venue records and also their head to head (H2H) records, should be at the fingertips before building a fantasy team.

3) Performance analysis of the squad:

This is perhaps the most important yet the most effective fantasy tip that increases the chances of winning in Fantasy Sports.

A database containing the players' performance in last 10-12 matches, performance based on innings, preferred opponents, mode of dismissals and pattern of run scoring and wicket taking should be kept handy before investing in any fantasy match.

Sounds exhausting? Well not really. I will give you a expert tip about how to have access to this vast pool of information at the end of this article.

4) Building your own team:

The fourth fantasy tip is the most interesting one. After completing the ground work, the next step is to build your own fantasy team based on your analysis. This team would be purely a provisional one and would be purely based on your research work.

5) Take the first flight:

After building the team, the next tip is to join the contests one would like to play. It is always advisable to invest in the contests atleast 4-6 hours before the actual match start to avoid last minute rush.

6) The toss is important:

The toss is an important aspect in every match. It not only gives an overview of how the pitch is going to behave but also provides with a script for the entire match. Finalising the team based on the playing eleven and match them with your provisional team is very important.

7) Be your own boss:

There are a lot of fantasy players in the market who prefer to get a ready-made team for playing fantasy sport. But in an online fantasy contest it is always recommended to finalize a team or a particular player based on your own instincts.

8) Selecting players based on their innings based performance:

A lot of online fantasy players tend to avoid this step but it is actually a very significant one. Virat Kohli prefers to chase whereas Rohit Sharma prefers batting first. A Deepak Chahar would prefer to bowl first on a fresh pitch whereas a Rashid Khan would prefer bowling second. This may sound a bit confusing but these factors matter a lot in fantasy sports.

Now coming to the pro tip:

9) Diversification of Investments:

Fantasy sports work on the principle of "Don't Put All Your Eggs in One Basket". There are varieties of leagues in Fantasy Sports that caters to the different style of fantasy players. So diversification of funds is a must. This will not only increase the exposure to fantasy sports but will also enhance the profitability.

10) Try to play using Bonuses:

Most of the Fantasy Apps offer a wide variety of playing bonus to each of their users. So instead of pumping your hard earned cash in it, try to invest in a league using joining bonuses.

Thinking of what how to avail them?

Well all you need to do is be a part of the #GltFamily. The members of Gltfamily get exclusive playing bonus as a token of appreciation. So be a part of the largest fantasy sporting family and get access to numerous giveways and exclusive bonuses.

Now, as I mentioned earlier, you must be wondering about where can a user get all these informations regarding a match.

All you have to do is download Fantasy Arena app. Currently the highest rated app in the fantasy prediction segment. A dedicated app of Fantasy Arena Youtube channel, Fantasy Arena is the only app that covers all the cricket match predictions with a detailed analysis.

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