Ms Dhoni: An appreciation post on his birthday...

Author: Arijit
08 Jul 2021 04:43:36

If I had to summarize Ms Dhoni's international career in one line, it would be something like this:

"In between two run outs, he lived a career that inspired millions of Indians."

It was you, who showed that even a small town boy can end up being the most successful Indian captain in limited overs cricket.

It was you, who taught us that even after a series of failures one can reach the pinnacle of success. The zero in the debut did hurt but the winning six in the WC Final compensated it.


It was you, who showed us that helicopters do not always fly in the sky, they do get dispatched into the stands too. Hitting sixes was never that easy before.


It was you who time and again changed the definition of traditional wicket keeping. The artistry behind the stumps, the street smart run outs along with the lightning fast stampings showed us that wicket-keeping too was fun.


It was you and only you, who exhibited how a captain should lead from the front. It was your cool head combined with astute reading of the game that won us many matches from nowhere.



It was you, who made us believe that even our trophy cabinet can be filled with all the major trophies. From the 2007 T20 World Cup, followed by the 50 over World Cup in 2011 to the Champions Trophy in 2013, it was you who lead us to the glory. It was under your captaincy that India achieved the 1st Rank in Test Cricket for the first time.

When our hopes were over and our heads were down, it was you who lifted us up. The last over finishes and the numerous run chases wouldn't have been possible without you.

You may not have a great Test career or a T20 statistics besides your name but still you will be still the greatest match winner for India. When India was going down infront of New Zealand in 2019 semis, it was you who gave us hopes. You may have failed to get us over but we do believe that you tried your best.

You may have bid adieu to international cricket a year back. But still our ears crave to hear your voice in the stump mic.

On your 40th birthday, I thank you for you being an inspiration to an entire generation.