IPL vs BBL: The Best T20 league for Fantasy Players

Author: Arijit
07 Oct 2021 03:45:59

The Landscape of franchise based cricket across the world changed with the emergence of Indian Premier League in 2008. The IPL, as it is popularly known as, is currently the most viewed T20 league in the world.

The IPL caters to almost 1.5 million viewership across the globe every year and with the amount of domestic and overseas talent in display, the demand and popularity of IPL is unmatchable. Infact, IPL acted as the trendsetter for all other major cricket playing nations to start a Franchise based tournament in their own country.

Big Bash League, popularly known as BBL is a franchise based cricket tournament in Australia. It started in 2011, and has rapidly founded a global audience base with colourful jerseys and cricket gears. Infact, BBL is currently the second most popular league in the world both in terms of revenue as well as competition.

Now, the question must arise that out of these top 2 leagues, which league caters the best for the Fantasy Players?

My answer may startle a few but I believe that it is actually the Big Bash League, that offers more winnings and opportunities for the Fantasy players compared to IPL.

Sounds shocking??? Well,not really.

Below are the 5 listed reasons for which I believe that BBL is the best league to invest and win in terms of Fantasy Sports.

1) Strict Competition: The IPL is by far the most competitive league in the world in terms of cricket and Fantasy sports is no different. Winning in Fantasy sports in IPL is not that easy as there is a lot of competition in this domain too.

Whereas, in BBL winning is comparatively easier as not many people are familiar with the players playing in BBL.

2) User friendly rules: One of the major advantages of Big Bash League that outscores the IPL is that BBL teams announce their squads prior to every match. So, there is a squad of 13 only from either side to select your playing xi and strategize. Such luxuries are not available in IPL.

3) Familiar set of players: One of the major reasons of IPL's immense popularity is that a lot of familiar faces play in this league. But this acts as a major setback while building a fantasy team as the players are not fully confident about whom to select in their playing Xi. Contrarily, the work gets cut short in BBL as there is only a handful of players to select and feature them in a perfect fantasy team.

4) Lesser influence of Pitch and Weather: India is a well diversified country where the language and climate changes after every 100 kms. The same implies for the cricket grounds as well where the nature of pitches get different in different parts of India. As a result, the fantasy players need to keep a tab on the weather and climate conditions as well before playing a fantasy match. But when it comes to BBL, the pitch and weather condition gets nullified as conditions in Australia are more or less similar. So the focus will stay entirely on the players instead of the other conditions.

5) Easier to win Grand Leagues: As mentioned earlier, the BBL is a shorter tournament compared to the IPL. So the tone of the tournament remains the same throughout its entire duration. Also due to a small pool of players to select from, player selection gets easier in BBL. All you need to do is get your basics right and build your team to win it big in Big Bash League.

I know, that a lot of you will be wondering, why did I select BBL ahead of the IPL, when no Indian players play in IPL?

I believe that the day is not so far away, when the Indian players would too start plying their trades in overseas Franchise leagues.

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